“For more than fifteen years Homeworld have managed our rental properties, in this time I have always found them to be reliable, professional and helpful. As we spend the majority of our time abroad, it is reassuring to know that our properties are in safe hands.”

“Dear Homeworld, We are currently renting the property number 43 on Hungerford road in Crewe. I would just like to start by saying we have been really satisfied with the level of efficiency you have provided in contacting our landlord with issues that have arisen in our home. All the problems seemed to have been sorted regarding the roof and dampness.”

“I have been using Homeworld as my preferred letting agent for almost 3 years now. I chose them because they are one of the biggest agents that deal with students within the Crewe area. I was looking to go down the student route and thought it best to deal with a company who had expertise in this area. The late proprietor of Homeworld, Richard Emmett, gave me so much valuable information, not only about going down the student route but also the type of properties that would be best suited for this venture.

“All Homeworld staff are extremely helpful and they make the process as seamless as possible. Once you have instructed them to let your property, they deal with almost everything else. It gives me, as a landlord, faith and confidence, that my properties are handled by such experienced people and means that I don’t have to worry about things, especially as I live down the south of the country.

“When any repairs or issues need resolving, Homeworld always call to ask the landlord what they would like to do about it and then, again, they handle everything from sorting out contractors and getting issues resolved. This takes away the pain, time and worry of dealing with this yourself. Homeworld have their own property maintenance staff and I have to say that they are very prompt and efficient in the service that they provide and the costs are very reasonable.

“What I like about working alongside Homeworld and their great staff is that it is a partnership. They really do their best to get the best students for you at the best price. Nothing is too much trouble for them. If you want your house/s inspected then they will get onto this straight away and even at short notice. I have regular updates on my properties which keeps me in the loop which makes me feel at ease. They also deal with the students very well and will ensure that the houses are kept up together and in good order. Any reports are always fed back to me.

“Overall I am extremely pleased with the way in which Homeworld, as a business and its staff, deal with my houses and me as a landlord. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to appoint a letting agent for their properties. In my eyes you can’t go wrong. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Homeworld for the support and commitment that they give to me and my houses and long may it continue.”